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The OSSIO Update

Last month, OSSIO, Inc., an Israeli-based company operating out of Woburn, MA, announced the appointment of Dr. Greg Berlet as the company's chief medical officer.

The tech

OSSIOfiber technology is a matrix of bio-integrative material made from minerals found in bone, and is purported to afford fixation without concerns over foreign body reactions, stress-shielding, or removal risks associated with traditional metal fixation. Overtime, OSSIOfiber fixation resorbs and is replaced by host tissue.

Who is Dr. Berlet, MD?

A dual sports and foot and ankle fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Berlet is a founding partner at the prestigious Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center, Worthington, Ohio.

Words from the new CMO

In an interview with Orthopedic Design and Technology, the newly appointed CMO expressed his vision: “I am excited to join OSSIO at such an integral stage of growth and evolution for the company, as we work to transform the orthopedic fixation market."

Working with an experienced leadership team, Dr. Berlet continues: "I look forward to helping the company drive strong adoption of our technology to the broad orthopedic and podiatric sectors, accelerate the development of our robust product pipeline and deliver innovative patient care.”

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