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Tumor Prothesis for the Foot

Custom 3D implants have built on momentum with large bone reconstructions to address defects associated with tumor reconstruction in the foot. Currently, there are no tumor prosthesis marketed for the foot.

Reconstruction of bone anatomy is hard

Reconstructing defects of the foot can be challenging due to the unique anatomy shapes and articulations. Autograft and allograft are less than ideal because of the long operative time to shape the graft, bone the graft resorption, and it can be hard to decipher between tumor recurrence and the bone graft.

Outcomes in extremity reconstruction

Publishing in Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, authors Chandhanayingyong et al. reviewed six tumors of the feet and five tumors of the hand reconstructed with 3D implants with a minimum of two-year follow up. At five years postoperatively, the incidence of implant breakage was 35%. The cumulative incidence of re-operation after the index reconstruction was 29% at five years after surgery. No patient in this series died or experienced local recurrences or metastases. This small but innovative approach showed encouraging results.

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