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3D Printing Continues Its Expansion Into Foot & Ankle



The Anngrove facility in Cork, Ireland serves as Stryker's global headquarters for additive manufacturing. It recently underwent expansion, resulting in a total area of 156,000 square feet. Additionally, the facility is home to the  and also hosts the AMagine Institute, which is a renowned center of excellence for additive manufacturing. One of Stryker’s notable products, the Total Ankle Platform, greatly benefits from 3D additive manufacturing technology. 


In the Research Triangle of Raleigh Durham, you’ll find Restor3d. The company recently acquired the total joint company Conformis, and now has a new 50,225 square foot facility. Restor3d focuses on additive manufacturing for patient-specific surgical implants and related instruments. This allows it to personalize the fit of implants for specific clinical needs. It has a broad offering in the foot and ankle space, including their novel wedge system based on its TIDAL Technology.

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