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Evolution, Not Revolution, in the Foot & Ankle Space

Several factors contribute to the foot and ankle market becoming the most lucrative across all orthopedic subspecialties. Following are five technologies primed and ready for acquisition.

  1. RedPoint Medical 3D's Better Bunion is a hallux valgus correction system relying on pre-operative CT scans to form patient specific surgical jigs for several procedures, including bunions. Its cost is comparable to Treace Medical’s Lapiplasty, with less than half the steps.

  2. From Novastep, Pecaplasty and Centrolock are minimally invasive hallux valgus correction systems that rely on jigs and guides designed by surgeons previously performing 3rd generation, minimally invasive chevron/akin procedures. At the end of 2022, new jigs were introduced to facilitate more accuracy and reproducibility for the system, especially for less experienced surgeons.

  3. Radian by Nvision is a minimally invasive hallux valgus correction system that does not rely on any intraoperative jigs. Rather, it is a low-profile buttress plate that stabilizes a transverse osteotomy with four screws.

  4. SEAL's portfolio consists of an Illizarov external ring fixator, speed rail, mini rail, and pin to bar frame(s). One of the company's claims to fame is its easy-to-assemble, pre-built frames purported to save surgeons time, intraoperatively.

  5. Revolution T’s circular fixator and trauma frame offerings by Metalogix give surgeons fascile with external fixation a broader number of options intraoperatively that are simply not available using frames from larger companies. The company hasn’t reinvented the wheel, but a few of its innovations are undoubtedly unique.

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