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Pickleball's Growing Popularity Spurs Surge in Injuries and Invester Interest

Pickleball has recently gained widespread popularity, making it the fastest-growing sport in America for the third consecutive year. Invented in 1965, the game is a unique combination of ping pong, badminton, and tennis. It’s a fast-paced experience – with quick and repetitive motions – attracting enthusiasts of all ages.

"Picklehead" MSK injuries

It’s not surprising there are unique injury patterns associated with the sport, resulting in a thriving business for foot and ankle surgeons. For example:

  • Wrist injuries are the most common type of injury in pickleball, accounting for 13.2% of all injuries.

  • Lower leg injuries make up 12.9% of the injuries in pickleball.

  • Ankle injuries account for 6.1% of the injuries in pickleball.

Want a pro team investment?

The growth of pickleball has not only attracted players but also investors. Major League Pickleball (MLP), the premier professional pickleball league, has garnered investments from renowned athletes such as Lebron James, Maverick Carter, Draymond Green, and Kevin Love. With a six-city league, MLP now has 16 teams competing in 2023.

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