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May I Have More, Please?

Since the opioid crisis forced a relook at the way we manage pain, there is strong momentum toward limiting and perhaps avoiding narcotics as part of the foot-and-ankle surgical experience.

An opioid-free bunion experience

Presenting at AOFAS 2022, Tyler Gonzales shared results from a study he and his colleagues conducted of patients who completed a comprehensive opioid-free, multimodal pain management protocol, which included oral pregabalin, acetaminophen, ketorolac, and cyclobenzaprine to be administered immediately after surgery.

Education for our patients

Overall, 18% of their patients required opioids during the first two weeks, postoperatively. Interestingly, regional block was not part of this analysis and another modality to move away from opioids with foot and ankle surgery.

“We use this pathway now in a large percentage of our practice, including all our [minimally invasive] cases..." Gonzales said.

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