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Lateral Column Lengthening in Flatfoot Deformity Correction

The Evans osteotomy, a lateral column lengthening procedure, has long served as one of the workhorses in the treatment algorithm for adult-acquired flatfoot deformity.

In their article “Opening Cuboid Wedge Osteotomy (Zoom Osteotomy) for Tri-planar Correction of Flexible Pes Planovalgus Deformities,” authors Mendeszoon et al. introduce a new trip-planar lateral column-lengthening procedure in the cuboid: the “Zoom Osteotomy.”

Purported Advantages:

  • Central osteotomy that distributes pressure evenly to both the calcaneocuboid joint and the cuboid metatarsal joints diminishes the risk of advanced arthrosis.

  • More robust vascularity and structural integrity with sufficient cancellous bone to aid with graft incorporation and more structurally stable cortical bone in which re-modelling can occur.

  • Better maintenance of correction.


Thirty-five patients who underwent a Cuboid Opening Wedge Osteotomy involving 51 feet at a minimum of 12 months after surgery were reviewed. Differences in the preoperative and postoperative cuboid abduction and Meary’s (lateral talometatarsal) angles were statistically significant, and only 3 (6%) complications, including wound dehiscence, neuritis, and deep vein thrombosis, were reported.

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