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MIS Bunions

High on potential, grinding out market share, with research support slowly catching up.

Burr-based osteotomy

With ever-expanding options in the bunion market, the definition of MIS is a bit elusive. While acknowledging some dissent, most will define MIS as burr-based bone osteotomy with either no suture or single suture closure of skin incision.

MIS Chevron Akin and traditional Scarf Akin are the same at two years

Third generation MIS techniques emphasize stable internal fixation and allow for a head-to-head comparison with traditional techniques.

In their study "Third-Generation Minimally Invasive Chevron-Akin Osteotomy for Hallux Valgus Produces Similar Clinical and Radiological Outcomes as Scarf-Akin Osteotomy at 2 Years: A Matched Cohort Study," Tay et al, did a propensity score 1:1 match of open (30) vs. MIS (30) osteotomies of similar patients. They showed similar radiologic and clinical outcomes with the only significant difference being less pain in the MIS group at one week.

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