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Big Sky and AOFAS. The intimate setting of Big Sky, Montana hosted the AOFAS winter meeting last month. Designed as a smaller meeting in a family-friendly location this year featured massive amounts of snow and big ideas from the podium. Highlights included a symposium on lateral ligament reconstruction, including augmentation and expanding the indications for total ankle arthroplasty.

Tinsel Town (LA) and ACFAS. This week LA is hosting the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons 2023 Scientific Conference – the biggest stop on the foot and ankle surgeons (DPM) annual meeting calendar. Expect the industry partners to bring their biggest booths for the exhibit hall and new product releases. The program features discussions around evolving concepts like MIS and TAR that will fill the room.

Interesting innovations on display in the exhibit hall

Implant Agnostic Lapidus Procedure. Red Point Medical’s Better Bunion is hardware agnostic, and features cut guides based on each patient's specific anatomy from preoperative computed tomography. The Better Bunion technique is performed in just 5-6 steps.

Not just another screw

DynaNail Helix, the latest Enovis innovation, is a 6.5mm screw that provides continuous compression using the company’s nitinol technology. It is smaller, easy to use, and comes with expanded indications, according to the Enovis release, and even smaller sizes (4.0mm and 5.0 mm) are in development.

Hardware related irritation no more

Ossio-fiber is a bio-integrative material that provides times zero strength and stability to the desired site, with a resorption profile that is gradually replaced overtime. It eliminates the possibility of hardware irritation requiring removal. Ossio's newest offering is an Ossio-fiber staple.

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