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Arthroplasty and Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can have negative consequences for ingrowth and fixation. In total ankle arthroplasty osteoporosis is one of the indications for a stemmed prosthesis. But how about fracture risk?

THA and TKA database

In a large database of 700K total hip patients and more than 1.3 mil total knee patients, 53% of the patients were considered at high risk of osteoporosis. Within five years, patients who were at high risk of osteoporosis had significantly higher risk of periprosthetic fractures than those at low risk (p<0.001)

Relevance to total ankle arthroplasty

It is likely that our ankle arthroplasty patients have a similar incidence of osteoporosis. This could elevate the risk of medial malleolus fracture. Check out this innovative approach for prophylactic fixation medial malleolus using OSSIO.

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