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Acquiring a MIS Market Position​

Rumor has it Enovis is acquiring Novastep from Amplitude Surgical SAS, a public company listed on the Paris stock exchange. The gold nuggets for Enovis in the Novastep portfolio are the MIS portfolio and Fusionframe external fixation.

Novastep MIS portfolio?

MIS is a rapidly growing sector of the foot and ankle space and Novastep has a solid position. First launched in 2019, PECA implant systems for MIS bunion cuts and fixation underwent updates in 2021 with the launch of a guided instrumentation and implant platform PecaPlasty for percutaneous bunion correction.

Enovis is a player

With sales of $1.4 billion and growing at a robust 27.3%, annually, Enovis is ranked 6th among the largest orthopedic companies. Watch for its continued push in the foot and ankle space.

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