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Ultrasound Stickers

The great challenge of MSK imaging is using static images like MRI to diagnose a dynamic element such as the achilles tendon. Ultrasound is a great modality, in trained hands, but is still limited by the tether and positioning of the probe. Enter ultrasound stickers.

The technology

A bioadhesive device consists of a hydrogel, an elastomer, and the 3mm thick rigid probe. The bioadhesive sticks the probe firmly to the skin for up to 48 hours and, because of the cushioning layer, protects the rigid electronics from the flex of the skin and underlying structures.

The implication

Different depths of penetration with different frequencies set the penetration depth allowing for superficial imaging of tendons or deep imaging of solid organs. Ultimately, ultrasound stickers could join the ranks of wearables, but they are not quite market ready yet.

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