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The Swiss Are No Longer Neutral in the Foot and Ankle Space

By Derek Felici

Medartis recently acquired Nextremity Solutions to expand its footprint in the foot and ankle implant space. Already a significant force in the upper extremity specialized extremity market, this represents a bold move down south.

Target markets

Medartis with the Nextremity Solutions platform has innovation in its pocket with a new Lapidus Correction system coming to market this summer. It also has two recent 510k clearances of an Ankle Fusion Plating System and Subtalar Fusion Nail system.

US-based leadership

Medartis’s Extremity Portfolio is being led by industry veteran Larry Tischer, a fixture in the Lower Extremity implant industry for the last 20 years. Nextremity Solutions headquarters will serve as the North American R&D headquarters for the company moving forward with manufacturing capabilities being handled there as well. This will help streamline the process of expanding the product portfolio, and getting new products to market.

Derek Felici is the co-founder of Progressive Medical Solutions, a medical device distributorship headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. He has worked in the medical device industry for the past 9 years in different sales and leadership roles. He resides in Columbus with his wife and three daughters.

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