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Soccer Is Sexy and Expensive​

Updated: Mar 8

Chelsea spent close to $750 million on player acquisition in the past year, culminating in a $131 million deal for Enzo Fernández. The 21-year-old Argentine midfielder is now the most expensive player ever signed by an English team.

Soccer goes Hollywood

Ted Lasso leading the way, soccer went mainstream on American TV screens. With the largest audience for an Apple TV+ premiere and multiple awards, including the most nominations at a single Emmy show, and only back to back top comedy show, it would make sense to tap into this new fascination with soccer.


"Welcome to Wrexham" is a sports docuseries centering on the £2 million purchase and stewardship of a "struggling" Welsh football team in 2020 by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. Founded in 1864, Wrexham AFC is third-oldest professional association in the world and is performing under its new ownership.

Foot and ankle injuries in soccer

A detailed review of injuries in English professional football over two competitive seasons showed a total of 12,138 days and 2033 matches were missed because of ankle sprains. These sprains accounted for 11% of the total injuries, with more than three quarters (77%) of the sprains involving the lateral ligament complex. Contact mechanisms were the cause of more sprains than non-contact mechanisms (59% v 39%), except in goalkeepers who sustained more non-contact sprains (21% v 79%, p<0.01). A high number of players (32%) who sustained ankle sprains were wearing some form of external support.

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