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Restor3d Makes Big Move With Acquisition

Conformis is a total knee and total hip manufacturer. While it had the great idea of creating implants designed to mimic the natural shape of knees and hips, it is struggling to execute its vision. Large joint arthroplasty, the market it operates in, is a commodity market and Conformis incurred a loss of $50 million in 2022.

Enter Restor3d. Primarily known to us as a foot and ankle implant company, it is so much more now that it has expanded its business to include large joint arthroplasty.

Cost of goods

Cost-of-goods metrics represents the total costs it takes for a medical device company to manufacture its products. This includes costs for labor, material, rental, and utilities. According to a McKinsey & Company report, the average cost of goods sold for the medical device industry is 41% of total industry revenue. Less costs equal higher profits.

The 3D printing advantage

Restor3d, with its 3D printing capabilities, can reduce the cost of goods for the Conformis knees and hips and get them into profit territory. A deal sweetener is Conformis’ trove of patents.

Watch this deal closely.

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