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Percutaneous Push Continues

by Calvin J. Rushing, DPM

Technique article(s) on various percutaneous procedures for foot and ankle surgery have continued to emerge across various platforms. Purported advantages include reduced soft tissue complications, reduced infection rates, and faster recovery.

The Zadek osteotomy

The Zadek osteotomy is a dorsal closing wedge osteotomy of the calcaneus. It represents a paradigm shift in the operative treatment for insertional Achilles tendinopathy which historically was been treated with double row detachment and repair; with a prolonged/protracted recovery postop.

  • Elevates the Achilles tendon insertion reducing tension

  • Increases the dorsiflexion range of motion

  • Shifts the Haglund’s bump anterior and off the ventral surface of the Achilles relieving impingement and mechanical friction

The Technique

Percutaneous Zadek Osteotomy for Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy and Haglund Deformity: A Technique Tip,” by Kaplan et al.

Calvin J. Rushing, DPM is a fellowship-trained podiatric surgeon with specialty in advanced reconstruction, including total ankle replacement, arthroscopic cartilage repair, deformity correction, minimally invasive surgery, sports injuries, and trauma.

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