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OFAS Booth Bonanza

The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS) meeting in Louisville last week was a solid meeting with a great scientific program. But everyone knows that the exhibit halls pays for the event. Two days of exhibiting is a sizable investment with booth rental more than $50k, buy the booth >$90k+, graphics $10k+, and labor to put it together. All in for small booths is about $75k with the premier booths being five times that.

So, who wore it best?

Top three booths – in no specific order:

  • Stryker’s booth was in a front-and-center position, making it impossible to miss. The booth features a bright, padded carpet and ample space for mingling and reviewing products. A touch screen allows visitors to cycle through the versatile Total Ankle platform, where tech meets foot and ankle care.

  • OSSIO’s booth emphasizes natural elements and provides a comfortable seating area , highlighting their bio-integrative and natural healing platform. The booth’s unique design perfectly matches the uniqueness of its product offering. The speakeasy experience created quite a buzz in the city.

  • Artelon stands out with its Purple Air Jordans and a killer social media campaign tied to its theme. Artelon wins on social metrics and creativity. An Angels Envy event was a strong nightcap to a busy day at the booth.

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