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Damned Infections

The J. Leonard Goldner Award is given in recognition of the outstanding basic science paper presented at the AOFAS Annual Meeting. The 2021 award went to a paper that reviewed the impact of vancomycin topically applied at the surgical site. Hernandez et al. concluded that this technique does not impair diabetic fracture healing.

Antibiotic eluting ceramics

Enter BONESUPPORT and CERAMENT G. Billed as radiopaque osteoconductive, drug eluting ceramic products are injectable and remodel to bone over six to 12 months. Antibiotic support is Gentamicin sulfate; providing 17.5 mg of gentamicin/mL of Cerament paste (both 5 and 10 mL product).

FDA grants authorization through De Novo process

Now approved for the U.S. market, Cerament G has the unique claim as being the only bone graft with antibiotic elution.

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