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Carbon Footprint of a Different Kind

Implantable carbon devices are making a push for mainstream. GLW has launched its Carbon22 plating system using thin walled titanium and PEEK/carbon fiber reinforcement for a more translucent X-ray appearance. Apollo ankle fracture system received it 510(k) clearance in March, according to WCG FDAnews.

Carbon in running shoes

While fans look up at the happy faces on the Boston Marathon winner's podium, the foot surgeon looks down to see what shoes the runners were wearing.

This year the Adidas Adios Pro 2.0 running shoes were the choice for the competition. They are heralded as having excellent energy return with carbon fiber "energy rods" for a responsive ride and fast toe-off. Built for speed, not comfort, these are not your everyday runners. Evan Chebet who won the men's race and Peres Jepchirchir who won the women's race are spotted on social media training in Adidas Ultraboost 22, a little more forgiving for those training miles.

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