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Air Jordan Trivia for the Foot & Ankle Crowd

Inspired by AIR, the biographical sports drama based on true events about the origin of Nike Air Jordan shoe line.


The most expensive pair of athletic shoes ever sold was $560,000. Auctioned by Sotheby's in 2020, the pair of the original Air Jordan 1s was game-worn and signed by Jordan.

"Jumpman" logo

The original Air Jordan featured the Nike swoosh. It wasn’t until the Air Jordan III that the silhouette of Michael Jordan soaring through the air was added to the side of the shoe. Today that silhouette is synonymous with the NBA all-star's shoes.

38 years of Js, and counting

Today, there are 37 different Air Jordan models available, not including countless colors, collaborations, limited editions, and retro Jordans. The original price in 1985, the first year of release was Air Jordan was $65. Today's average price is $431. The next edition release is scheduled for this summer. Click here for a visual history of the various designs.


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