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Joint arthroplasty success is a long game with survivorship being the key issue. The Lancet published registry data in a total knee meta-analysis showing that approximately 82% of TKRs last 25 years, and 70% of UKRs last 25 year.

What can we quote for Total Ankle Survivorship?

In his study, "Early Experience and Patient-Reported Outcomes of 503 INFINITY total Ankle Arthroplasties," David N. Townsend reported a 97.3% two years survivorship. Elizabeth A. Cody, MD's study, "Risk Factors for Failure of Total Ankle Arthroplasty With a Minimum Five Years Follow-up," showed a 98% five-year survivorship with 103 INBONE II implants.

Longest term data?

Between November 1993 and February 2000, according to the report "Survivorship and Long-term Outcome of a Consecutive Series of 200 Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STAR) Implant," 200 consecutive STAR prostheses were implanted in 184 patients by a single surgeon. A total of 32 implants (16%) failed, requiring revision surgery. The mean time to revision was 80 months (2 to 257). The implant survival at 15.8 years, using revision as an endpoint, was 76.16%.

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