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The Continuing Evolution of VR in Medtech

Updated: Jan 14

VR and implant design

Virtual reality (VR) and medical device companies are teaming up to create a virtual lab for design surgeons. Creating instruments and implants that can be manipulated in virtual space allows early refinement of designs and concepts which then is a backbone for the training modules to follow.

VR and skills training

The biggest impact of VR is on surgical training. It is an excellent resource for surgeons to refine their skills at their convenience and without traveling to cadaveric labs. The industry has picked up on this with Stryker developing total ankle training modules on the OSSO VR which was featured at the 2022 ACFAS and AOFAS meetings.

Well, that was TRIPPy

TRIPP is a company using VR technology as a platform for meditation. Marketed as the “fitness solution for your inner self,” TRIPP is an immersive VR platform that delivers a meditation experience to calm you after being bumped by the general surgeon!

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