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Promising Mitigation Strategy to Reduce Postoperative Surgical Site Infection

The Irrimax Medical Advisory Board recently convened in Atlanta Georgia, the headquarters of Irrimax Corporation ­­– a company focused on reducing SSI under the direction of Chief Executive Officer, Michael Gil. The goal of the board is to safely mitigate SSI, reduce healthcare costs, and improve patient outcomes.

During the meeting, new ideas were set in motion and promising outcome data was shared across various specialties regarding the company’s flagship product, Irrisept. A low-concentration chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) 0.05% is available in a 450cc single-use, manual, self-contained irrigation bottle. The bottle is designed to afford control of the antimicrobial’s delivery pressure to effectively remove particulate, debris, and disrupt biofilm – without cytotoxicity, skin irritation, or allergic response. Delayed wound issues commonly reported with iodine containing irrigation products have yet to be documented.

The first published data on Irrisept in the foot and ankle space was presented on demand last month at the AOFAS Annual Meeting in Quebec, Canada.

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