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I Freaking Love My Peloton

The Peloton Craze

The COVID experience has shifted the gym workout to home and resulted in a boon to business for exercise equipment company Peloton. Total 2020 revenue for the company grew 54% to $936.9 million from $607.1 million a year earlier.

Is there a Peloton pandemic?

No matter how well intentioned, it turns out that new work-out routines may be doing some damage. According to some reports, the new surge in Peloton and other home exercise bikes users is causing an influx of overuse injuries. The most at-risk areas are cervical and lumbar spine, wrists, knees and feet. A lot of this pain is coming from using the at-home bikes incorrectly.

Anything specific for the foot and ankle surgeon?

In 2020, Peloton recalled 27,000 bikes due to leg injuries secondary to pedal failure. These were the first generation bikes and the problem has since been resolved. Properly fitting cycling shoes will have a stiff sole and position the pedals over the ball of the foot. Remember that each rider has a different rotation and this must be adjusted. Lastly, if the foot is too far back on the pedal, achilles tendonitis may be the reward.

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