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DJO Acquires MedShape and Colfax Pushes Further Into Foot and Ankle Market Place

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The deal

Colfax Corporation’s DJO said it has acquired MedShape. The acquisition expands DJO’s footprint in the foot and ankle business. MedShape portfolio includes a superelastic nickel-titanium shape memory alloy and shape memory polymer technologies. Other technologies in the deal include devices for fracture fixation, joint fusion and soft tissue injury repair.

Who is Colfax?

Colfax entered the orthopedic business with the $3.15 billion acquisition of DJO in 2018, from an investor group led by private equity funds managed by Blackstone. Colfax is a diversified technology company that provides orthopedic, fabrication technology and air and gas handling products and services principally under the DJO, ESAB and Howden brands.

Why Medshape?

Medshape's proprietary tensioned superelastic nickel-titanium shape memory alloy provides for sustained compression over the length of the surgical healing episode, with the goal of harnessing a more active and dynamic healing process. Medshape is also a market leader in the memory shape staple market segment.

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