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Conventus-Flower Orthopedics to Announce Invitation of Flex-Thread Ankle Fracture Fixation Studies

Conventus-Flower Orthopedics, a Horsham, Pennsylvania-based company, is soon to announce the initiation of clinical studies for its proprietary flagship technology, “Flex-Thread” Intramedullary Fibular Nail, according to a company report.

The Flex-Thread is a straight intramedullary implant uniquely designed to “flex” during its insertion for the fixation of ankle fractures owing to its proprietary titanium alloy. Other differentiators from the current market of intramedullary fibular nails include self-tapping threads to engage the fibula proximally, polyaxial screws to interlock in the nail distally, and a compression/distraction feature up to 10 mm. The technology debuted in May 2021.

The Studies

Retrospective case studies were conducted and will report prospectively collected data on early clinical and radiographic outcomes. All patients in the studies were permitted early protected weightbearing within two weeks, postoperatively, and a minimum of six months follow up was required for inclusion.

Most Current Generation of Intramedullary Fibular Nails:

  • Flex-Thread, Conventus-Flower Orthopedics, Horsham, PA

  • Fibula Nail 2, Accumed, Hillsboro, OR

  • FibuLock Fibular Nail, Arthrex, Naples, FL

  • FibuNail Vilex, McMinnville, TN

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