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A Staple Amongst the Community

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

The U.S. market for staple fixation is expected to reach $220.1M in 2023. Fixed angle, nitinol, mixed with plates and now some new entrants.

Evolving concepts in staples

Enovis, formerly Medshape, released the indication specific Dynaclip Delta MTP fusion staple. Bullet shaped with two points of fixation at each end. The value proposition is efficiency in the OR and strong compression combined with the tapered shape. It's out on the market in early release.

Ossio released its Ossiofiber Compression Staple as an alternative to metal staples, with bio-integration over a 24-month period. The value proposition surrounds the prominence of permanent metal staples, particularly as mid foot fixation becomes more popular with these devices. First cases are happening this week.


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